The Humble Pump

On 10 July 2015

The Humble Pump

As a cyclist, the flat tyre is a show-stopper. We all have our experiences of getting a 'flat' or puncture. In a race, on the way to work, a sunny Sunday ride, there's no convenient time to get a flat.

Sometimes we are prepared and sometimes we are not. Sometimes our trusty little mini pump decides not to work or break in our hands. There is nothing more frustrating as a cyclist than having a flat tyre and not having the ability to put air back in our deflated tube.

The initiative of permanent floor pumps alongside a trail is not new. I have seen them in cities on trails and outside cool bike shops. The Warby Trail is the most popular bike trail by far in the Yarra Ranges, most likely the whole of Victoria. There is at least 120,000 users per year.

At the last open general meeting, we agreed on funding 3 pumps on the trail to be chained up permanently at 3 iconic locations on the trail. Penny Olive Café, Mt Evelyn (formerly Cog Bike Café), The Carriage Café in Seville and Cog Bike Café in Warburton. The pumps will be chained outside these premises and available to all cyclists.

It is inevitable that the pumps will be used, misused and perhaps abused. On the other hand, the humble pump will save the day again and again. They should be in place on the trail by the end on July, keep an eye out for them.

- Damian Auton P