Going forward with Parks Victoria

On 30 September 2014

Going forward with Parks Victoria

Wrap up from meeting with PV this afternoon.
Overall a very positive meeting with representatives from Bunyip, Gembrook, Silvan, Warramate, the Dandenongs and the R J Hamer aboretum.

Definately a step forward in the formalisation of trails in Silvan area but across the board in the Yarra Ranges.



  • we have been clearly informed that we are the number one contact for all things mtb in the district.
  • at the moment the trails detailed in our submission (generally all the Silvan singletrack) have not been regarded as illegal but "informal". This we took as a step closer to being formal
  • R J Hamer aboretum has been approved for mtb use (we submitted a proposal about 12 months ago).
  • The first onsite meeting has been scheduled to look at trails with YRMTB members, with the view of 'formalising' the trails in the near future. Some trails may take longer depending on the areas they lie in. The meeting is next week!
  • we need to work with PV to reduce illegal trail construction
  • following clarification of our status as a recognised volunteer group, we can start induction as volunteers and maintain informal trails
  • Warramate was recognised as being a very popular destination for mtb (and other rec. use) but at the moment it's current classification does not allow recreational use, ie. horse riding dog walking cycling etc. However Craig Bray from PV stated that they would endeavor to have the status changed to allow rec. use. Another great step in the right direction for YRMTB
  • Lastly, if any entrepreneurs out there think that developing the former Ollinda golf course into an mtb/cycle facility is a worthwhile idea, you've got about 3 weeks to lodge a submission http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/about-us/tenders-and-notices there is 29 hectares that would be awesome as a freeride kind of park... A recreational use of the area would be ideal.

- Damo P