Join Now

It is so easy to join the group! You can do an online subription or the traditional paper option.

The online option is by far the best and easiest option. Plus it speeds up your membership approval, so you can start to receive our Newsletters sooner and you’ll get a spiffy YRMTB sticker to slap anywhere you like...

To do the paper option, simply call into either of the below shops and fill out a membership form along with payment:

Cog Bike Café
42 Station Rd, Warburton, VIC

Yarra Valley Cycles
108 Main St, Lilydale VIC

For the online option:
1 - Download the membership form (click here)
2 - Complete the form and pay the fee (bank details on the bottom of the membership form)
3 - Email a copy of the completed form to membership coordinator (taking a picture of it is fine)

Becoming a member also gives you the access to exclusive YRMTB Tee-shirts and riding jerseys!!

Contact the membership coordinator for any further questions.